Paul Rotondo, VP of Operations, Grady Management

I am Paul Rotondo, the Operations Vice President at Grady Management. Scheffres is doing a few of our jobs now and I anticipate they will pick up more business as time marches on. ​They place the washer/dryers on tracks, service the machines quickly, and their revenue share is very fair and competitive.

Arlene Smadja, Vice President, J. Alexander Management Company

We have had an ​excellent experience with Scheffres Laundry Service​, who has serviced our New Hampshire & First Apartments (5 buildings, 71 units) since the beginning of the year. Our switch-over from (competitor) was not easy because of the difficulties caused by (competitor), and Mike and his crew were ​extremely flexible, responsive, and efficient​, considering the very difficult circumstances. I have had ​great feedback from our residents regarding the new machines, Scheffres signage, and direct contact between our residents and Scheffres’ technicians.​ The experience with Scheffres Laundry has been a very welcome change from our prior laundry services. ​Two thumbs up!

Timothy A. Dudley, Asst. Property Manager, Dudley Pro Realty, LLC

I want to express our ​satisfaction with Scheffres Laundry Service.​ We have used Scheffres Laundry Service to ​equip and service our laundry rooms at about 18 of our apartment communities​ in Washington, DC. During this time, we have been extremely pleased with their ​exceptional customer service, timely response to machine maintenance concerns, and our prompt receipt of commission. Mike Scheffres, Joe Scheffres, and Jeff Friedman have been outstanding representatives for Scheffres Laundry Service. It has been a ​delight to work with them​ through both the contract bid process and day to day business operations. Danny and Dennis, two of their very experienced technicians, have both made themselves ​easily accessible for all machine maintenance concerns.

Teresa Whitmore, TWC Association Management

It is ​my pleasure to recommend Scheffres Laundry Service.​ I am a portfolio manager, and have a 418 unit condo complex located in Sterling VA. As luck would have it, Scheffres sent me a marketing piece right before my community went out to bid. We had absolutely had it with an unnamed competitor who loved collecting laundry income, but hated servicing the machines. We contacted Scheffres, and decided to give them a try. We have had an ​absolutely wonderful experience.​ From the ​seamless machine installation​ to ​receiving our checks on a regular basis (and without reminder calls)​ to working with the nice folks at Scheffres​, it has been ​delightful, and I heartily recommend Scheffres.

Norma Garcia, Property Manager, 1230 13th Street, NW Washington, DC 20005

We have been associated with Scheffres Laundry Service for almost a year and in short have been extremely pleased.​ Their ​service has been excellent​ and the entire organization is ​dedicated towards professionalism.​ The new machines have had very few problems and their ​collections are always done in a timely fashion.​ Our ​residents have been thrilled with the Scheffres “team”​ and we ​look forward to a long relationship with this first class organization.

Bonnie E. Henderson, Community Site Manager, Spring Lake Condominium

Our Board of Directors entered into an agreement with Scheffres this past summer which was followed by a ​prompt and smooth transition of equipment.​ Scheffres coordinated the transition with our previous provider with no problems at all. ​Our residents are very happy with the machines AND the Money Card System.​ Scheffres service department is ​always prompt and courteous​ when responding to calls and often just ​check in to see if everything is going okay and the residents are happy.​ I consider them to be of the “old school” type of service provider whereby they consider ​‘the customer is always right’.​ The residents here really appreciate that too! ​It’s a pleasure doing business with a company that says what they do – and does what they say.​ I look forward with ease towards a long lasting business relationship with Scheffres Laundry Service.

Frank Winston, Vice President, Edgewood Management Corp.

My experiences with Scheffres Laundry Service have been very positive.​ When I ask for proposals they have been very aggressive in providing me with their bids. I understand from managers of our properties that when they have called in for service work, the ​Scheffres service department has responded within 24 hours as promised.​ I have inspected the Scheffres new equipment installations and their ​installations have been very professional and installed as per the specifications of my contract.​ I am ​very pleased with the performance of the staff at Scheffres Laundry Service​ ​and would recommend them to other apartment communities.

Andrew Miller, Senior Vice President, Abaris Realty, Inc.

Having known and done business with Mike Scheffres and Jeff Friedman over the past 25 years, I am pleased to recommend Scheffres Laundry Services to the entire multi-family community.​ The installations are thorough and efficient, the equipment is maintained well, and the monthly commission checks arrive on time.​ The ​contract proposal is often more financially lucrative than competitors​ and the ​contract does not contain “stupid” provisions, such as automatic renewals for multiple years.​ They are ​honest, reliable, and easily contacted​ when the occasional problem does arise. I certainly allow them to provide a quotation on any property bidding out their laundry services.