Photo of woman hand put quarter coin on the laundry machine in public laundry

Recent Questions

Q: How quickly do you respond to a call for service?
A: We guarantee service within twenty-four hours of receiving a call (except weekends and holidays). More often than not, we respond the same day we receive the call.

Q: What type of laundry equipment does Scheffres Laundry use?
A: We use top of the line, energy efficient washers and dryers. The washers are available in top-load, front-load, and large capacity. The front-load washers are Energy Star rated and use less than half of the water as the top-load washers. The dryers are available in gas and electric. We can install coin-operated machines or card operated machines which can accept cash only or cash and credit/debit.

Q: What size in-unit laundry equipment do you offer?
A: We specialize in Energy Efficient 24” and 27” washers and dryers. We have a team ready to help you select which models are best for your building.

Q: How do you handle installations?
A: We typically start by coordinating removal and installation with the current vendor. We are always at the job at the promised time. We take pride in the installation of new laundry equipment. All the machines are secured on a metal piece of track so they stay in place and don’t “walk”. Our goal is to start off doing the job right.

Q: Do you offer in-unit laundry equipment service?
A: Yes, and we provide the same high-quality service you’d expect – energy-efficient machines, careful installation, and rapid response to maintenance calls.

Q: Do you offer vented and ventless dryers for in-unit installations?
A: YES, we do! Some of our ventless dryers are even Energy Star qualified.

Q: When would I use ventless dryers and do they really work?
A: A ventless dryer is a popular feature for adaptive reuse projects and multihousing residence conversions. Ventless dryers use the latest technologies effectively pulling moisture away from fabric and drying the garments from the inside out. All while offering a clean line design by eliminating ugly venting lines and their costs to install if you do not already have them in place.

Q: Are your commissions competitive?
A: Our commissions are very competitive. We offer many different types of commission arrangements and can easily base our proposal on the customer’s needs. Our commissions are paid on or about the first of each month.

Q: Does your lease include any “trick clauses”?
A: No, our lease is simple and straightforward. There are no automatic renewal clauses or right of first refusal. We believe that providing great service will help us renew.

Q: How are resident refunds handled?
A: Refunds are made promptly. The refund is typically delivered by our service technician when they repair the machine. We feel it is our job to do whatever we can to keep your residents happy.