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In-Unit Laundry Equipment

Why In-Unit Laundry?

In-unit laundry is key for any multi-family property that wants to appeal to potential and existing residents. has reported that in-unit laundry is the number one most-valued amenity for tenants, beating out air conditioning, dishwashers, and free parking. Scheffres is committed to helping you maximize your profits by giving your tenants the amenity they want most.

Equipment for Every Space

We provide the most innovative, cost-effective, and energy-saving laundry equipment available today. Our solutions include Energy Star-rated equipment in stackable, combination, vented and ventless units. In addition to sales of in-unit equipment, we also offer machine service and training of on-site staff.

Benefits for Everyone

In-unit laundry has benefits for anyone designing, marketing, or managing modern apartments or condominiums. Apartment owners and developers can reduce construction, utility, and maintenance costs and better appeal to potential tenants.

Does in-unit laundry equipment sound right for your property?

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