Photo of woman hand put quarter coin on the laundry machine in public laundry

Why Choose Us?

Local, Knowledgeable, and Accessible

Scheffres Laundry Service takes great pride in providing unparalleled, personalized laundry equipment service within MD, DC, VA, and DE. Our experienced, knowledgeable professionals are highly accessible whenever they’re needed, and remain dedicated to providing an immediate response to your issues. The Scheffres team is available to service machines within​ 24 hours of receiving a call, email or text message (excluding Sundays and holidays).

Easy-to-Understand Lease Terms

There’s no need to worry about trick clauses. Scheffres utilizes a simple, lease agreement with easy to understand terms. Our contracts are concise, straightforward, and contain no confusing language. If high-quality, accessible, and clear service is important to you, choose Scheffres.

And More…

  • Instant Refunds
  • Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment
  • Cash, Credit, and Mobile Payment Options
  • Professional Installations
  • Competitive Commissions
  • Commissions Paid by the 20th of Each Month
  • Service within 48 Hours
  • Full Accountability
  • Liability Insurance