Bonnie E. Henderson, Community Site Manager, Spring Lake Condominium

Our Board of Directors entered into an agreement with Scheffres this past summer which was followed by a ​prompt and smooth transition of equipment.​ Scheffres coordinated the transition with our previous provider with no problems at all. ​Our residents are very happy with the machines AND the Money Card System.​ Scheffres service department is ​always prompt and courteous​ when responding to calls and often just ​check in to see if everything is going okay and the residents are happy.​ I consider them to be of the “old school” type of service provider whereby they consider ​‘the customer is always right’.​ The residents here really appreciate that too! ​It’s a pleasure doing business with a company that says what they do – and does what they say.​ I look forward with ease towards a long lasting business relationship with Scheffres Laundry Service.