Timothy A. Dudley, Asst. Property Manager, Dudley Pro Realty, LLC

I want to express our ​satisfaction with Scheffres Laundry Service.​ We have used Scheffres Laundry Service to ​equip and service our laundry rooms at about 18 of our apartment communities​ in Washington, DC. During this time, we have been extremely pleased with their ​exceptional customer service, timely response to machine maintenance concerns, and our prompt receipt of commission. Mike Scheffres, Joe Scheffres, and Jeff Friedman have been outstanding representatives for Scheffres Laundry Service. It has been a ​delight to work with them​ through both the contract bid process and day to day business operations. Danny and Dennis, two of their very experienced technicians, have both made themselves ​easily accessible for all machine maintenance concerns.